March 2021 Lodge Happenings

After a fun and successful night at our March Stated meeting, we have some great things coming this month for the brothers of #145!

There are projects within the lodge building that the Trustees and Officers are working on to make the experience of the members, as well as the candidates for Masonry, comfortable and engaged in our activities.  These project currently include some repairs and reorganization to the preparation room and converting the lighting in the lodge room to dimmable LED lights.  This will allow us to lower our energy bills as well as create a certain atmosphere for degrees.

We have also finished removing the old theatre seats from the lodge room (special thanks to Senior Warden Perry Harris in getting this finished up) and we re-arranged the pews in the lodge room to allow for comfortable seating everywhere.  This project is ongoing and may include additional pews for more seating and finding a home for the antique theatre seats.

We will be performing a Fellowcraft Degree on April 1st for some of our current EAs.  The Lodge will open at 6:30 and there will be a meal in-between sections.  Please consider joining us that evening and experience the FC Degree with your fellow brothers of #145.

Also this month at the lodge, we will continue to participate and watch the Scottish Rite presentation of Thursday Night at the Rite.  Thursday the 4th and Thursday the 18th we will gather at the lodge with other Scottish Rite brothers at 8:00 pm to watch the 13th and the 22nd Degree.  If you are a Scottish Rite member and need these degrees for your passports, please feel free to join us!  If you want to join the Scottish Rite, now is a great time.  Contact a member and we can get you a petition.

I also want to encourage those of you that have not paid your 2021 dues to please send us a check in now.  Do not let your membership lapse!  If you are in need of assistance paying your dues, please let someone at the lodge know and we will help you out. 

Also, if you do not have a Masonic License plate on your vehicle, I would strongly encourage you to consider doing that this year when you go to renew your plates.  Masonic Plate forms are available on the Grand Lodge Website, the Member Portal, or available at the lodge. 

Brothers, thank you for being a part of Bluffton #145.  You are all such a vital part of this lodge and we cannot continue to be successful without all of your support.  I hope to see you all at Lodge at one of our events, or at our next stated meeting on April 6th.

Nick Miller
Worshipful Master
Bluffton #145

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