The Trestleboard September 2018

Bluffton Lodge # 145

The Trestleboard

September 2018

……From Darkness To Light!


Yet again we find ourselves emerging from the from the wonderfully spent months of summer into the fall season.  The kids and grand kids are back to school, the hallowed lights glow on Friday evenings in the longstanding tradition of Friday night High School Football games, and we once again dust of our suits and aprons to join our Brothers back at Lodge on the first Tuesday of the month.  The Worshipful Master and Officers would like to invite everyone back on September 4th for dinner at 630 pm and Stated Meeting at 730.

Silent Auction

The Summer/Fall Silent auction is being held in the Dining Hall, and there is a great selection of items that have been donated by Brothers for you to bid on.  Due to multitude of donations over the Summer the bidding will continue into the Fall with an final bid date to be announced at a later date.

Travelers Journey Workshops and Ritual Instruction

Three of our very own Brothers have been selected by The Grand Lodge of Indiana to aid in two vital information and instructional programs.  Brothers Fred Lucabaugh and Jan Henline will be Ritualist Instructors for District 1 and 4 and Brother Nate Moyer will be the part of the Masonic Education and Traveler’s Journey Program as the Coordinator for District 4.  Please wish them well on their Masonic travels and keep up with them as there will be opportunities to travel to other Lodges in the area.

A Note From the East

As Fall is upon us the Lodge again opens its doors wide for its Brothers.  We will have a busy Stated Meeting in September, so if there are any topics that you would like to see on the agenda please email the Secretary so that we can add them to the agenda and address topics in a expeditious fashion.  Additions and comments are earnestly welcomed at the meeting, but we are trying different ideas and approaches to help make our Stated Meetings more time conscious for our brother and allow more time to socialize. Due to a large number of additional items in the Silent Auction we will extend the bidding and announce a date to end bidding at a later date.  Please take a moment to visit the tables in the Dining Hall downstairs and see the amazing items that are up for auction. As we move forward further into the Fall and into Winter please keep in mind that we several important events. We will be announcing dates for degree work, Lodge of Instruction, as well as a Breakfast With Santa in December! Also we will be having our customary Secretary’s Fish Fry in October and Officer Elections in November at our Stated Meetings. See you in September for an exciting Fall in Indiana Freemasonry and at Bluffton Lodge 145!

Our newest Master Mason

Two Fifty Year Members Recognized

Larry Hiday and Richard Crispen

2108 Silent Auction

Did you win? We closed the silent auction on May 1st. If you put a bid in check with Larry to see if you won.

Did you miss it? You’ll get another chance this fall with all new items.

The Tresleboard April 2018

A big big WELCOME to spring……..well sort of!

Brothers – it is that wonderful time of the year where Mother Nature shows us the beauty of Spring, you know, all 4 seasons in a 24 hour period! Even though Mother Nature has problems making up her mind, your Brothers at Bluffton Lodge are charging ahead with a “Snow or Shine” list of great events for you to be involved in the next few weeks. We have multiple degrees, programs, events, and just social times that are here for you. It has been a long cold winter, and the Lodge is only a couple of clicks on the thermostat away from a great evening with brothers. Take a moment – call a brother that you have not seen for a while. Meet up at lodge and enjoy the Media Room, the pool or ping pong tables, or just pull up a chair and shoot the much warmer breeze than that which is blowing outside. The Lodge is all of ours to enjoy.

As we watch the temps warm and the days lengthen there will be many opportunities to help out as we will be scheduling clean up days to help open the Lodge up for the warmer months. We will post updates via email and Facebook as the dates are set.

Degree Work………….INCOMING!!!!!!!!

We have several young EA’s and Candidates that are in the process of starting or continuing their journey in Freemasonry. As these dates are scheduled, please watch your email for the announcements. If you are interested in joining in helping with the degrees – please respond back to this email or call the Lodge and we would be happy to get you in touch with the right Brothers.

Silent Auction

This is the last month for the silent auction that is being held in the Dining Hall, and there is a great selection of items that have been donated by Brothers for you to bid on. The last bids will be tallied at the end of dinner for the May 1st Stated Meeting. Results will be announced during the Stated Meeting that evening.

Travelers Journey Workshop

Bluffton Lodge will be hosting the Grand Lodge of Indiana’s Travelers Journey Workshop on April 19th at 7 PM. There will be light snacks and drinks provided as many local Lodges will join us in exploring a few new programs and enlightening ideas – Come join us for a evening of Masonic fellowship and education!

Brothers mailing list

2018 Silent Auction

No that’s not a typo, ask Brother Skyles

2018 Silent Auction

2018 Silent Auction

2018 Silent Auction

2018 Silent Auction