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2018 Lodge Officers

The lodge officers for 2018 were inducted into their office today.

Worshipful Master: Tim Simpson P.M.
Senior Warden: Nate Moyer P.M.
Junior Warden: Steve Skyles
Treasurer: Doug Harris P.M.
Secretary: Larry Tschannon P.M.
Deacon: Nick Miller
Junior Deacon: Perry Harris
Senior Steward: Todd Flanery
Junior Steward: John Heron
Chaplain: Dustin Conner
Assistant Secretary: David Barton P.M. (not pictured)

Fred Lucabaugh P.M.
Josh Dunsmore P.M.
David Barton P.M.

Mason of the Year 2017

At our November stated meeting, Worshipful Master Tim Simpson, presented Jan Henline with the Mason of the Year, for all his hard work and dedication to the lodge. The certificate reads:

Did distinguish himself by extraordinary accomplishments and deeds, thereby improving the welfare of his lodge and his brethren. His unselfish labours have earned him the respect of his brethren and the honor of this esteemed award.

Congratulations Jan, well deserved.

Masonic Eagle Scout Award presented to Trey Harris

Bluffton Lodge 145 presented Eagle Scout Trey Harris with the Indiana Masonic Eagle Scout Award from the Indiana Grand Lodge.

Our newest member

Our Newest Master Mason

Our newest Master Mason

Our Newest Master Mason

Lodge Remodeling

There has been a lot of work being performed on the lodge.  Walls are being painted, bathrooms remodeled, television hung.  Come into the lodge, check it out, or even offer to lend a hand.

Media Room TV

Women’s Bathroom

Tyler’s Room in progress

Tyler’s Room in progress

Archive Library in progress

Upstairs bathroom

Plumbing issues

February Stated meeting

The brothers wore red or pink in support of our wives in this Valentine’s month.

Todd Flanery Our Newest Master Mason